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A report released by the U.S. Center for Disease Control reports that 2 million of those individuals experience symptoms that are debilitating and severe while another 20 million have what’s known as burdensome and chronic tinnitus.

In order to enhance their hearing and drown out the ringing, people with tinnitus often turn to hearing aids. There are everyday things you can do to reduce the ringing along with using hearing aids.

If you have tinnitus here are 10 things to avoid:

• Caffeine: Here’s yet another influencer of blood pressure that can cause a surge in levels. You may also find that too much caffeine alters your sleeping habits.

• Alcohol; There’s a common adage that states drinking a small amount of wine daily can have a positive impact on heart health and cholesterol levels, and that may be true; however, you absolutely can have too much of a good thing when it comes to alcohol and tinnitus. For many people drinking too much alcohol makes tinnitus symptoms more evident because it tends to increase your blood pressure.

• Hazardous blood pressure levels; Monitoring your blood pressure is an essential preventive tip that can help keep you safe from many illnesses, but it also just may keep your tinnitus symptoms in check. You should be careful about consistently checking your blood pressure because both high and low blood pressure can make tinnitus worse.

• Excess earwax; When it comes to how your ears work, it’s a known fact that earwax plays a positive role. But actually dirt is trapped and our ears are protected by this gunk that we hate. In spite of this, tinnitus can get worse if too much wax builds up. Your doctor may be able to help you get rid of some of the accumulation and supply prevention advice to make sure it doesn’t accumulate to a dangerous level again.

• Jaw issues; If you’re having pain in your jaw, you should already be consulting a doctor, but particularly if you also suffer from tinnitus. Since the jaw and ears share components such as nerves and ligaments, reducing jaw pain might have an effect on your tinnitus.

• Infections; There’s a long-standing commentary about the need to find a cure for the common cold, particularly since a lingering cold can quickly change into a sinus infection. Make certain you’re reducing your exposure to ear and sinus infections because they have can worsen tinnitus.

• Smoking; Smoking is another habit that can harm your blood pressure. What’s more, it can shrink the blood vessels to the ears, which can make tinnitus symptoms more severe.

• Some medicines; Over-the-counter medicines including aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be really effective at soothing pain, but they could actually increase your tinnitus symptoms. There are other prescription medications like cancer drugs and antibiotics that can also have an impact on tinnitus. However, you should always consult with your doctor about any problems you’re having before dropping a prescribed medication.

• Loud noises; This one most likely seems obvious, but it’s worth repeating that loud noises can exacerbate the sounds you’re already hearing internally. If a scenario happens where you will be exposed to loud sounds, be cautious. This can include construction sites, concerts, and loud restaurants. If you can’t avoid loud settings, consider wearing earplugs to protect you from some of the noise. Individuals who work at loud jobs are particularly benefited by ear plugs.

• Poor sleeping habits; When mom said you need to get your eight hours of sleep every night, she wasn’t kidding. Getting plenty of sleep can help you to stay away from tinnitus triggers and also offers a wide variety of other health benefits.


Monique Carbullido LaPierre is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is a member of the Kotla family. Her passion in this field and family roots in Guam have brought her to intern at Guam Hearing Doctors. She hopes to use this experience to further her knowledge under the guidance of Dr. Koffend! #guamhearingdoctors#internship


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